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Reviews on Pomoly T Brick Max Stove 20220228 (2)

Reviews on T Brick Max Stove, True Feedback

If you and your friends or family are looking for a big stove, T Brick Max Stove is a good product to recommend. If you’re looking for a stove for a multi-person tent. One Pomoly T Brick Max Stove is enough.



Quick views:

  • Ultra-large Capacity
  • Design of 1mm Titanium Stove
  • Extended Front Door Intake
  • Double Layer Mode
  • Three Dimensional Strengthening Stove Body

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1. Ultra-large Capacity

Compared with T1, the space of T Brick Max Stove increases by 89%. You can add more firewood to the firebox. The firewood burns long enough for you to sleep well.

2. Design of 1mm Titanium Stove

According to Amazon market research, most of the stoves on Amazon are 0.5-0.6mm, and T Brick Max Stove is made of 1mm pure titanium. Even if the temperature of the stove is very high, it will not deform. The stove will not rust even if it is used for a long time. So it’s very durable. Pomoly also strengthened the rigidity of the stove to make it more solid.

3. Extended Front Door Intake.

Pomoly T Brick Max Stove increases the accommodation space. Pomoly lengthened the air inlet of the front door to allow the firewood to burn fully. When firewood burns in the firebox, more air can enter the firebox. This design helps to reduce the accumulation of creosote in the stovepipe.

4. Double Layer Mode.

In my opinion, the two-tier model has two advantages. There is no doubt that this mode increases the accommodation space of the stove. In addition, an additional combustion chamber is added to the stove. Firewood can be burned again in this “secondary combustion chamber”.

5. Three-Dimensional Strengthening Stove Body.

This titanium stove adopts a new three-dimensional fixed structure instead of the simple steel structure of 2020. The three-dimensional structure can withstand greater deformation pressure and minimize the deformation of wood combustion stove at high temperature. It is like a wave beating on the beach, which is slightly weakened by rocks and sand, and finally disappears completely. Pomoly T Brick Max Stove uses this structure for the top, bottom, and rear panels of the titanium stove.


Reviews on Pomoly T Brick Max Stove 20220228 (1)


It’s great to have such a warm firewood stove on a camping trip. T-brick Max tent stove is loved by more and more people because of its high quality and powerful design. If you want to know more, please check the products on Pomoly’s official website.