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pomoly t brick mini hot tent stove

Why Choose Pomoly T Brick Mini Stove & Reviews

The POMOLY T Brick is an ultra-lightweight titanium stove that incorporates many new designs. The T brick mini is a smaller version of the T Brick, only smaller in size, with all the design remaining. So why people like T Brick mini, I have listed the following reasons.

Quick View:

  1. Three-dimensional fixed structure
  2. Removable baffle and side panel intake
  3. The left and right side panels can be switched
  4. 1mm Thick titanium plate

Three-dimensional fixed structure

ThisPomoly T Brick Mini Stove  uses a new three-dimensional fixed structure, instead of the simple reinforcement bar structure of 2020. The three-dimensional structure is able to withstand more deformation pressure, minimizing the deformation of the wood burning stove at high temperatures, just like a wave striking on the beach, being weakened by the reef and sand a little bit to reduce the kinetic energy, and finally disappearing completely. T brick mini stove uses this structure for the top, bottom, and rear side panels of the titanium stove. The remaining three side panels have their own role, so it is not possible to add a 3D fixing structure.

Three-dimensional fixed structure

Removable baffle and side panel intake

A removable baffle is added below the damper of the Pomoly T Brick Mini Stove. It reduces the velocity of the airflow discharge and even makes it return for secondary combustion, which is able to produce more heat. There is a row of air inlets at the bottom of the outer side panel and a row of air outlets at the top of the inner side panel. When the oxygen near the outlet is consumed, a large amount of oxygen is automatically drawn in from the inlet. All these measures can improve combustion efficiency very well.

Removable baffle and side panel intake

The left and right side panels can be switched

You can freely adjust the position of the glass side panels according to your placement habits so that you can easily check the burning of wood in the firebox at any time.

1mm Thick titanium plate

I checked the Pomoly T Brick Mini Stove on Amazon, most of them are 0.5mm, 0.6mm thickness. However, POMOLY uses a 1mm titanium plate. Double the thickness makes the Pomoly T Brick Mini Stove  more robust and durable, but also more able to reduce the deformation of the stove. This is one of the reasons why POMOLY’s titanium stove is more expensive than other stoves.

If you want to know more details, you can watch other people’s experiences on youtube. Here I recommend lonewolf902’s video, he introduced it very carefully.

What Would You Get in the Complete T-Brick Stove Package?

Once you buy a T-Brick tent stove from Pomoly, you wouldn’t only receive a stove. Instead, you will also get all the accessories for tent stoves such as a titanium chimneyspark arrestor with three rings, smoke damper, cut-resistant gloves, detachable baffles, and tools like a wrench and titanium screw packed in a YKK-Zipper stove bag. Go Buy A T-Brick Tent Stove Now!

Bottom Line

T-Brick tent stoves are best for you in every perspective if you are looking for the best wood stove in 2021 for hot tenting in cold areas, wilderness, and rainy areas. You can go above and check the remarkable features of THE-Brick tent stoves now!
Don’t forget to buy this amazing T-Brick wood Stove from Pomoly!