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Camping Wood Stove Use Guide

Some time ago, I went camping with a friend. I found out that my friend doesn’t use the camping wood stove properly. We use POMOLY’s T1, which burns for about 2 hours when filled with firewood. My friend does nothing after lighting the firewood. He didn’t know how to use the stove. I’ve collected some tips on how to use a camping wood-burning stove that I hope will help my friends and you.

Quick View:

  • How to make the firewood burn well?
  • Why does firewood sometimes burn too fast?
  • Tips for using a camping wood-burning stove

How to make the firewood burn well?

Camping wood stove
Camping wood stove

You need to understand the construction of a camping wood stove. You want to maximize the time the firewood burns. First, you’ll want to check your manual to find out what type of wood and how much you can put into your woodstove. Every stove will be different. If insufficient firewood is loaded, the maximum burn time will not be achieved. If you pack too much firewood, you could ruin your stove. You want to make good use of furnace dampers and vents. A stove damper can make your firewood burn more fully. Vents allow for increased oxygen in the tent. Oxygen allows the firewood to burn more fully. You need to be aware that opening the vents will also lower the temperature inside the tent.


Why does firewood sometimes burn too fast?

Camping wood stove
Camping wood stove

When you want the firewood to burn longer, you have to control the shape and size of the firewood. We’re going to learn how to keep our camping wood stove burning. Large pieces of firewood are tightly packed to prolong the burn time. Many campers simply add a lot of wood to their firebox the first time they use a camping wood stove. Firewood crosses each other. This condition will allow the fire to spread quickly and engulf all your firewood, resulting in a blaze. These fires generate a lot of heat right away, but they don’t burn very efficiently. Some firewood does not get enough air and produces a lot of smoke. Many people have no skill in burning firewood.


Tips for using a camping wood-burning stove:


1. Firewood burns from the top down to last longer.
2. A little smoke is a good thing.
3. You can control the stove damper to get the firewood to burn fully.
4. Hardwoods provide more heat than softwoods of the same volume.
5. Few wood stoves can burn for more than two to three hours after a single load of firewood. The last load of firewood at night should be some larger hardwood logs that will burn properly with the vents open. Even if the fire is out, the insulation in the house will keep the heat in.


There are a few tricks that must be mastered while you are camping. I hope the knowledge I gathered can help you. I wish you a great camping experience!