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Stop buying fakes! After Kapila was punished by Amazon for plagiarizing pomoly, they started disgusting behavior again…

Why does Kapila plagiarize again and again?

It is easy to find the production and spread of fake goods in our society. Whether it is a fashion item or a daily necessity in life. It has become a common thing in life that the goods of merchants have been copied. Although selling fake goods is not illegal, it should be highly avoided.

In the past two years, camping has become a way of entertainment for people. Therefore, more and more people began to sell camping equipment. Last year, pomoly was praised by many people for its high reputation and received a large number of orders. As far as I know, the pomoly team is composed of a group of young people who love camping. They constantly test and produce products with better quality and favorable prices. Therefore, it has been recognized by most people. However, everything was not going well. Due to Pomoly’s reputation, some malicious plagiarism merchants began to appear. For example, wise tent, Kapila, etc.

Last year, Kapila maliciously sold Pomoly’s patented stove, which was restricted by Amazon, Google, and other platforms. So they suspended the sale of counterfeit goods. Pomoly didn’t pay attention to this matter after the storm. This spring, Kapila quietly sold pomoly products on Amazon. This time, pomoly began to protect their rights and interests. Due to the complaint, Kapila’s Amazon store was directly closed.

But the matter is not over. In April, Kapila started an independent station. This time, they copied Pomoly’s products more aggressively and sold them at higher prices to deceive consumers. I don’t have good service, but I want to enjoy it. This is ridiculous and unacceptable.

Kapila plagiarism evidence



Why don’t you plagiarize carefully Click the hyperlink or Pomoly’s official website?

Why not buy fake goods?

Quality Comes with A Price

In general, price is the common reason why people prefer to buy fake goods. People think that original products are too expensive compared to fake ones. However, in determining the price of a product, the creator considers a lot of aspects. The high price behind original products comes with a lot of effort to produce the best quality.

Starting from brainstorming, researching, production, quality control, to distribution, these phases are conducted to produce the original products with the best quality. Therefore, customers can use the products for a long period.

Let’s compare it with fake products. Although the price is more affordable, the quality is usually low, and you will not be able to use it for a long time. Hence, you will need to spend more money to buy a new one. In the end, using original products will save you money and time as you do not need to buy the same product more than once.

The Price Gap is not too High Compared to the Fake Goods

People usually buy fake goods that are considered to have a similar look and quality to the original ones but at a lower price.

If we look closely, the price gap between original and fake products is not too high. By adding a little bit more money, you can get the original products with way better qualities and can be used for a longer time.

What is the most important thing a consumer can do if they want to avoid buying counterfeit items?

The most important thing we as consumers can do to avoid buying a counterfeit item is to be wary and do some research on the products you are buying online. Looking into the product, pricing, shipping, and the company could help you determine if the goods you are considering buying are counterfeit rather than genuine.