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Luxe Hiking Gear Terminated | Complaint

Luxe Hiking Gear used to be a highly regarded brand in the outdoor hiking gear market. However, the recent outpouring of consumer complaints to the BBB website about Luxe Hiking Gear’s fraudulent practices has caused widespread concern and alarm. This article will reveal the voices of consumers and expose Luxe Hiking Gear’s fraudulent behavior in order to protect more people from losses.

Complaints Exposed:

Consumers have been complaining about Luxe Hiking Gear’s fraudulent behavior through the BBB website. They purchased tent and stove kits but never received the goods. To make matters worse, Luxe Hiking Gear has ignored numerous email responses from consumers, which has made it impossible for consumers to contact them. Consumers were left incredibly angry, their refund requests were denied, and their property was damaged.

The fraudulent behavior continues:

Shockingly, many of the consumer complaints are not isolated incidents. One consumer placed an order on October 26, 2022 for a total value of $218.56, including state sales tax and shipping. They received a response email three months later claiming the order would be shipped in the next batch. However, after another three months, Luxe Hiking Gear still hasn’t responded to consumers’ followup inquiries, can’t provide an accurate timeline, and hasn’t provided additional information, communication, or refunds.

The dilemma of pursuing a refund:

Another consumer ordered a tent in December 2022, which was promised to be shipped within three months, no questions asked. But after three months passed, the consumer contacted Luxe Hiking Gear, who said they were working on shipping the tent. After another month, the consumer contacted again and was given the option of a refund or waiting. The consumer chose a refund and wanted the $324 purchase amount back.Luxe Hiking Gear responded to the email stating that the refund would be made, but the consumer would lose their place in line. The consumer stated that this was acceptable and only wished to get his money back. However, by July 2023, the consumer had contacted multiple times without any response or refund. Not only does this company lack customer service, it is a joke. Consumers are outraged and have expressed their desire for Luxe Hiking Gear to return every penny and pay out more. It is complete insanity and downright criminal that their hard earned money was taken by this company. Consumers have decided to go to their bank this week to request a refund for the dispute.

To protect their rights:

These complaints warn us that we need to take precautions to protect our rights. Always do thorough research and investigation before purchasing any outdoor hiking gear. Check consumer reviews and ratings, and choose brands with a good reputation and word-of-mouth. Establish adequate communication with the merchant and ask questions about inventory, shipping times and refund policies. At the same time, choose a safe and reliable payment method to ensure your money is safe.


Luxe Hiking Gear’s fraudulent behavior has attracted widespread attention and the ire of consumers. Their complaints have revealed the company’s dishonest and deceptive behavior, which has drastically reduced people’s trust in them. In order to avoid becoming a victim, we must remain vigilant in choosing reliable brands and merchants and establishing adequate communication with them. It is only through our reasonable choices and actions that we can protect our rights and avoid unnecessary losses.

We hope that this blog post will more accurately reflect the content of consumer complaints and alert more people to the fraudulent behavior of Luxe Hiking Gear.