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Camping Safe Tips | Is Hot Tent Camping Safe?

Many people who are interested in camping but have not tried camping may be full of interest and doubts about this activity. Is hot tent camping really interesting? Is this activity dangerous to a certain extent? In fact, hot tent camping is indeed full of fun. As for the danger, it depends on whether you are well prepared beforehand.

First of all, according to the camping season, we need to prepare different things.
What you need to prepare for summer camping is an external account suitable for summer camping. The air permeability should be good enough to not be very stuffy in the tent, because the temperature in outdoor camping will be higher than indoors.The inner tent should choose gauze, which not only prevents mosquitoes but also breathes. Preventing heatstroke during outdoor camping in summer is also an important point of attention. If you are a novice camper, it is recommended to choose an automatic pole tent, which is quick to drive and easy to build. Because it is summer, do not choose too thick moisture-proof pads and sleeping bags.

A flashlight is a must-have item, it is inconvenient to be active at night without a light source.Remember to prepare spare batteries when carrying a flashlight.Hiking shoes, trekking poles, common medicines, snake medicine, drinking pots, backpacks, etc. should also be worn together.Set up camp in a flat place. Don’t get close to the water. Don’t set up a tent on the edge of an unstable mountain. If a rock falls, it will be very dangerous. If you are in the forest, be careful not to stick to the animal trails. Bears or other places are prone to be infested with animal trails. Try not to go alone when camping, and try to go in groups as much as possible. If something happens, you can help each other with your friends.

hot tent
hot tent

also many places to pay attention to during winter camping. First of all, you must prepare a camping hot tent with good warmth, and bring a tent camping stove. If you go camping in the snow, without a tent wood stove, you will not be able to withstand the sub-zero temperature and you can’t sleep at night. When you light up the camping wood stove in the tent, you know that the wood stove is really useful in winter camping.

First of all, it is recommended to choose a titanium tent camping stove. Titanium has good thermal conductivity, durability and corrosion resistance. It is lighter than stainless steel and iron.Bringing a wood stove can not only keep warm, but you can also cook delicious food in the tent. Special attention is needed. When using wood stoves in the tent, you must pay attention to ventilation. You can buy a carbon monoxide detector to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning when you sleep at night. It is strongly recommended to put out the fire of the wood stove before going to bed. Winter camping sleeping bags must be thick and warm to prevent frostbite.

hot tent
hot tent

When using the camping wood stove in the tent, you must pay attention to the safety of fire. The tent should be equipped with a fire-proof chimney opening. It is best to set a chimney protective cover to prevent the chimney from damaging the tent.

If you do all the preparations before camping, you can experience a lot of fun during camping. It is recommended that novice campers must understand the various matters that need to be paid attention to when camping. The last thing I want to say is that hot tent camping is safe. Don’t worry too much. As long as you prepare for anything in advance, there will not be too many problems.